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As the founder of the Firestone Strategies Group, and a renowned business expert, I carry more than 40-years of C-Suite experience shaping revenue and profitability initiatives for organizations of all sizes. Prior to establishing the Firestone Strategies Group, I led the transformation efforts as President of Select Security, senior marketing executive at Office Depot, and the CMO and EVP at a startup subsidiary of the Entergy Corporation. Throughout my career, I have guided businesses in all life stages, from technology start-ups to established global brands such as American Express, T-Mobile, Nationwide Insurance, and Wachovia Bank to name just a few.

Interim assignments

For organizations with needs that go beyond the traditional consultant’s role,
I offer my 40+ years of C-Suite experience serving on an interim basis.

Consulting Services

The best product can still struggle to find sales without a comprehensive and thoughtful plan to take it to market. In my experience, it takes a keen eye, a deep understanding of successful marketing, and experience to craft a winning plan. In addition to my years of direct experience, the Firestone Strategies Group has partners who can help guide you in everything from traditional media, digital tactics, social media engagement, and even the management of high-level sponsorship opportunities. Whether you are going direct to the consumer, straight to the business marketplace, operate a salesforce, or are opening a retail store my team and I have the experience needed to build you a winning plan.


In addition to my expertise, I am proud to also offer the services through my network of affiliate relationships with key professionals in the following fields:

· Digital Marketing
· Crisis Management
· Growth Strategy & Capital Raise




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