Honored To Be Named the Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year

Yesterday morning at the annual ESX – Electronic Security Expo, I was presented the ESA – Electronic Security Association’s highest honor, the Morris F. Weinstock award, which recognizes an individual from the electronic security industry for lifetime contributions.

When I was notified that I would be receiving the award I was so humbled, honored and quite frankly shocked that I would even be considered for the recognition. As I reflect on my years of involvement as a volunteer leader in the association there are so many people to thank and recognize that it would be overwhelming to try and list them all here. But specifically, I would like to thank Merlin Guilbeau, IOMJillian Bateman-McIntosh and Michelle Yungblut as professional leaders of the association. To those that I have worked closely with on the executive committee over the years, Angela WhiteJamie VosSteven PaleyDee Ann Harn, SHRM-SCPChris MosleyTim CreenanJohn KnoxMarshall Marinace… you guys are the best. And to John LoudKirk MacDowellGeorge De MarcoRobert FewMark Hillenburg, and Jason Lutz, I am so fortunate to have worked with all of you to the point where I consider you incredibly close friends. And thank you all for making me feel special and appreciated the last couple of days!

A very special note of gratitude goes out to my former colleagues from our Select Security days. As I’ve said before I’m incredibly proud of the work we all did together and most importantly you all affording me the opportunity to represent you throughout the industry. To our senior leadership team, Robert GroveRoger ParksJoseph MittonBob HouckSteve Roy, MS, ABCP, and Alex Nitterhouse, I share this with you as I know all of you feel the same way as I do about giving back to others and to a commitment to learn from others. 

As I said in my acceptance comments yesterday, Scripture calls on those of us who are older to use our experiences and wisdom to provide guidance to those who are younger. It also tells those who are younger to consider that direction from those who are older. But we are also told that those of us who are older should be open to the enthusiasm and new ideas and perspectives from those who are younger who are called to provide that to us. It is my hope that we can continue that spirit of community and association as we navigate today, tomorrow and beyond. God bless all of you who have had such a profound impact on my being recognized in this incredible way.  It is one of the highest honors and most profound moments of my career.