With more than 40 years of C-Suite experience, Mr. Steven Firestone has played a key role in shaping revenue and profitability initiatives for organizations of all sizes, including Select Security, Office Depot, Entergy Security, American Express, Nokia, T-Mobile, Nationwide Insurance, and Wachovia Bank.

Currently, Firestone is the CEO of Firestone Strategies Group.  As the founder of Firestone Strategies Group, and a renowned business expert, he provides experience driving revenue and profitability initiatives for organizations of all sizes.  Mr. Firestone also is assisting several pre-revenue technology start-ups with raising growth capital.  He serves on several technology boards of directors. His website is www.firestonestrategies.com.

Mr. Firestone also served as the President of Select Security, which was named the fastest growing security systems company in the United States by Security Business Magazine. Under his leadership, Select Security experienced double-digit growth each year through its organic sales team and strategic acquisition plans. During this time, Select Security also successfully launched several new enterprise-wide projects, including organizational restructuring, infrastructure upgrades, and initiatives that aligned the company culture around its core values of being a Compelling Place to Work, Shop, and Invest.

 In addition to his company wide leadership role, Mr. Firestone also developed and maximized sales channels, explored untapped and underserved markets, and developed best practices for the multi-state sales force. Using his brand management experience, Mr. Firestone established the integrity of the Select Security brand and the overall customer experience. Due in part to his efforts, Select Security was constantly being recognized for its commitment to customer service and growth. 

Previously, as founder of his own consultancy, The Firestone Group, he led the development of the strategic and business plan for several technology start-ups in the global wireless spectrum, alternative energy, and mobile banking industries.  Prior to his firm, Mr. Firestone, as Senior Vice President, led the corporate consulting practice for Wasserman Media Group, providing business and marketing strategy for global brands like American Express, Nokia, T-Mobile and several leading financial institutions.

 Mr. Firestone also served as the senior marketing executive at Office Depot where he was instrumental in developing brand strategy and marketplace positioning, alternative channel development, consumer and business customer insights and strategic vendor programs. While at Office Depot he also led initiatives to improve supply chain management, customer profitability and sales force optimization. During his tenure, the business-to-business channel grew at a rate of four times the industry average.

 Prior to Office Depot, Mr. Firestone was the Chief Marketing Officer and EVP Sales at a startup subsidiary of Entergy Corporation. He led the start-up and growth of Entergy’s security services business consummating over 38 acquisitions in fewer than two years; designing business processes, developing the organizational structure and the company’s go to market strategy. During his tenure, Entergy Security was recognized as the fastest growing security company in the industry reaching #4 on the SDM list of the largest companies with more than $6.5M in recurring monthly revenue.  Mr. Firestone also led the management team in positioning the business for sale and consummating the transaction with TYCO for an industry record multiple of recurring revenue.  

 Earlier in Mr. Firestone’s career, he was a partner at an advertising agency and the COO of a prominent community bank, as well as providing guidance to several tech startups.

 Mr. Firestone also believes in supporting the electronic security industry by sharing his experience and has been recognized for his efforts by the Electronic Security Association (ESA) with its Sara E. Jackson award. Over the years, he has served on several leading industry association committees, including the AIE Board, the ESA Executive Board, the ESA Industry Advisory Group, the advisory group for two of the industry’s marquee events; ESX and the ESA Leadership Summit, and has led the reorganization of ESA’s Executive Management Professionals Group.