Having led and mentored organizations of all shapes and sizes, from small startups to multi-national Fortune 500 companies, I’ve seen almost any challenge that businesses face and am passionate about sharing with others. If you are looking for actionable content provided in an interactive and engaging manner, then let’s talk.

World-class sales organization

All world-class sales organizations share some common traits that allow them to surpass the competition and win in the marketplace. In this presentation, you will learn how everything from internal alignment, skill certification, and sales culture (along with 21 other attributes), play a role in shaping a sales group. In addition to explaining each of the characteristics and how the are related to each other, you will learn how to measure your own performance and identify accelerators you can use to transform your sales organization from top to bottom.

lifecycle of a business

Like people, businesses have a lifecycle that can be measured based on their characteristics. Understanding where your business lies can allow you to understand what challenges you are faced with, and what you need to do to avoid outgrowing your current business. Much can be learned by taking a step back and evaluating your business based on how others have grown and performed, and in this workshop, you will learn how each of these stages are different, and need different management styles to survive.

Leading Change in Any Size Organization

Change can be difficult, but is often necessary for businesses to grow, which is why you need alignment from the top to the bottom. In this presentation you will learn about the Cascade Transformation process which gives companies the tools to create energy and alignment from the top to the bottom and gets everyone working towards the same goals. By cascading the understanding of what is important to your company and culture, you are enabling your employees to contribute in a meaningful and powerful way.

Prospect Board Management

Managing a sales team is all about managing activity, and one of the easiest ways to do that is with the prospect board. In this session you will learn how this simple tool tells managers and salespeople all they need to know about sales performance. After this session you will be able to glance at a prospect board and instantly know where a sales representative’s weaknesses lie. How would you like to provide real-time support to your sales team, reducing lost opportunities and maximizing their efforts? With these tools, you can.

Enhancing Customer Relations

Customer Relations can be tricky, unless you know how to handle customers. In this hands-on presentation and workshop, designed for those who deal directly with customers, you will learn techniques to disarm tense situations and create relationships with customers that turn into long lasting loyalty. Using the H.E.L.P. model, anyone can quickly work with an upset customer to find a mutually beneficial resolution, and often times leave with a positive review.

Interviewing New Hires

The key to long lasting employees often starts prior to their first day. This interactive demonstration will provide you with tips and tools to quickly identify a recruit’s true strengths and weaknesses and assess whether they will fit into your company’s culture and needs. Be prepared to engage in roleplaying, as an interviewing expert helps you uncover how to use simple questions to uncover complex personalities.

New Employee Onboarding

Capping off Select Security’s 3-day new employee onboarding class is a half day of intensive introduction to the business realties of the organization. Select Security President Steve Firestone pulls back the curtain and explains the role that RMR and revenue play in the health of the company, as well as how their individual roles and responsibilities relate to corporate goals.